Spy Photos: A Little More on the 2008 Lexus LF-A

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We've seen the same Lexus LF-A prototype being tested on the N rburgring for over a year, and we've even seen what may be a spider version. But still, Lexus refuses to let on even a little to its plans to build the $100,000 supercar. As Car and Driver notes, the company has butched up the supposed production model to put some distance between it and the Tiffany-box concept introduced in Geneva last year. Between C&D and AutoWeek, it's a tossup whether the LF-A's mid-mounted engine will be a V10 or a V8, but something in the 500-hp range is assured. Also, C&D deduces that the inclusion of a fixed rear wing could mean Lexus wants to top the new Audi R8's top end, perhaps even pushing the twin-century mark. Nonetheless, all this proves is that something's coming in late 2007, and it'll be fast.


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