Spy Photos: 600hp 392 Hemi Crate Motor

This image was lost some time after publication.
This image was lost some time after publication.

From deep within the bowels of Chrysler Division comes this shot from an inside source of one of Mopar's new 392 Hemi crate engines, which is reportedly capable of 600 horsepower. Can we get one of these for our Durango? Please? Pretty please? Dieter, we'll take the rap for your wife if you hook us up.


Return of the Super Commando, 392 Hemi [Internal]

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If only the new 92 would be an engine option in the new 08 CHALLENGER Count me in at any cost. Horse power is the game DODGE is still the name. I do not need 600 HP but I would like to have it on tap when needed. The 92 would keep many a MUSTANG owner LOUD MOUTHS at bay and in the dust. Make my new CHALLENGER a 92.