Spy Photos: 2008 Saab 9-3 Spotted Ahead of Late '07 Launch

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The General's favorite Swedes are approaching go time for their de-topped version of the new 9-3. But some joker with a digicam has apparently uncovered a proto-production model in country. The most noticeable difference is of course that new face, lifted wholesale from the company's Aero X concept, first shown at the 2006 Geneva auto show. And judging from the, er, aero kit, it's likely the Aero trim level. Natch. [Thanks to Dennis for the tip.]


Nya 9-3.... Facelift??? [Saab Turbo Club via GM Inside News]

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That sleek, aggressive front end kinda makes the rest of the car look small and dumpy, doesn't it? Rear view looks like it's rollin' on 4's.