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Our best bud from the Priddy pride of photogs, Chris Doane, snapped some seriously not-at-all well disguised pictures of what he claims is the 2008 Honda Accord sedan hidden under what looks to be a mere four strips of duct tape. We've seen the coupe all over the place, but this is the first we've seen of spy shots this good of the four-door version of the Honda mid-size budget box. It's taller and less aggressively styled than the coupe, but you can definitely see the shared design characteristics. Altogether, it looks like the Accord's shaping up quite nicely for the 2008 model year. We're hearing we'll be seeing more of this sedan in press shots this summer and you'll be seeing it on showroom floors come September.

2008 Honda Accord Sedan Spy Photos [Autobytel]

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