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Enterprising spy photog Chris Doane, creator of the moniker "Sloppy Jalopy" (don't ask) snagged some pics of the as-yet unreleased hatchback brother to the already released 2007 Chevy Aveo sedan. The "hot-hatch" shows off a much larger, more aggressive Chevrolet bisected fascia similar to what we've seen in recent Malibu spy photographs. More importantly, there's also a two-slot side vent located above the repeater lamp on either side of the car β€” Doane claims it ain't some engineer's idea of a joke (and what a joke, let us tell you) β€” but it's non-Memorex. With expected pricing to continue under $10,000 β€” probably without the side vents β€” this hatch is sure to be the one of the most bargain of bargain basement buys. And with expected mileage rating of 27/37, it'll be pretty cheap to operate too. Now all you'll need is one for the other foot too.

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