Just Look At All The Cars In 1939 In This Incredible Color Footage

It's weird to see how little New York City has changed between 1939 and today, despite all of the advances we've made. I suppose it's a little less surprising, though, when we consider the fact that most of the skyscrapers in Manhattan were already built by that point.

The cars are still popping out to us, even though this video was originally posted on Gawker last week. Seeing it all in color really brings the vehicles to life, from the green double-decker buses with the spiral staircases in the rear, to those enormous yellow taxicabs. Those curving, flowing fenders with the spare tires stuck on them should definitely make a comeback, though the staircases may need to undergo a health and safety review.


Think you can pick out all the cars the people are driving? Chime in below in the comments!

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