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If Nissan needs a million-dollar idea, they can take this one: Rebadge the special-edition M gane Renaultsport 225 F1 โ€” which debuted at the Autosport International show in the UK last week โ€” as a Nissan premium sports hatchback and take on the Audi A3 and VW GTI in the US. It might involve some shuffling of production facilities, number crunching and various federalization hassles, but they'd be guaranteed a minimum of 5,000 sales a year. (Well, maybe it's not worth it after all โ€” damn you, P&L!) Still, you can get one in the UK โ€” equipped with Brembo front stoppers, ESP and track-ready dampers and springs; 18-inch alloys and Dunlop tires; Recaro front seats, and special badging โ€” for around 19,500. (Don't do the currency conversion, it'll only bring you down.)

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