Sportec SP600 Thinks It's So Funny, Plays Tricks on Cameras

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There should be a ten commandments for putting on a press reveal at an auto show. They can publish it for all automakers to heed and obey so they know exactly how to get a positive reaction out of their press conference. First and foremost, putting black wheels on a white car should be a hangin' offense. That's followed by a black car on a white surface, high intensity pinpoint lighting and putting barriers, posts, signs etc. close to and around the cars. We can continue with letting kids run around and take up press time, and we could probably rattle off a lot more, but we're just wasting as much time as those damn kids! Wait, we digress. We feel like maybe we should be talking about the Sportec SP600 or something.


So, what is the Sportech SP600? Glad you asked. It's a modified Porsche 911 turbo with extra care put into lightening things up, improving airflow to the engine, providing more downforce, bigger and better brakes, etc. You can begn your "Pleasure" with SP530 with — obviously — 530 horses and all the way up to a top-of-the-line SP680 at — ta-da! — 680 horses. The rest of the "Pleasure" below:

A New Dimension: Sportec SP 680

Equipped with more than 680hp, the SP680 goes out hunting in the territory of the so-called supercars. Sportec's sporty understatement made the 997 Turbo a cheetah in a wolf's clothing.

It is the result of interminable development work in Höri near Zurich. Breathtaking performance and torque values and the resulting driving performances enable the SP680 to take higher orders.

Presently, the introduction to the Sportec Pleasure begins with the SP530 delivering 530hp and ends with the top-of-the-line model SP680 revealing 680hp.

The ingredients for this exclusive high-performance and precision engine from Switzerland are, among others, two special Sportec turbochargers K24.700, Sportec titanium connecting rods, Sportec sports camshafts, a modified fuel system, large charge-air intercoolers as well as a Sportec sports exhaust system with sound flap system and high-performance catalysts. Modifications to the suction unit and a special sports air filter with an optimised airflow take care of the necessary amount of intake air required for this high-performance and precision powertrain. In order to make sure that all accumulated powers will find their way to the wheels, Sportec has given the vehicle an additional sports clutch.

Each vehicle's electronic system is individually reprogrammed at the Sportec all-wheel test rig. The result of the great pains taken to achieve Sportec's top-of-the-line model, the SP 680, which generates 680hp, is a gigantic torque of 820Nm - already available at 3.200rpm. Thus, the SP680 manages the standard acceleration from zero to 100km/h in only 3.1 seconds. In 9.8 seconds, the SP680 will catapult its breathless passengers from 0 to 200km/h. And, not before 348km/h, the rev limiter will bring an end to the speed rush.

Viewed from the outside, only the powerful 20" Sportec SPR forged wheels and the brand-new and exclusive Sportec aerodynamics package ("discreet but effective") will betray that this is not quite a mass-production vehicle anyone who happens to come along may take home. An aerodynamically optimised Sportec front spoiler, unobtrusive side skirts as well as a larger GT-style rear wing (optionally made of carbon) will complete the SP680 - if desired - technically, but also visually.

For those who desire an even more individual touch and apart from the must-have suspension kit, Sportec offers a matt-finished carbon covering for the exterior mirrors and the air intakes. For the interior, aluminium pedals, an aluminium footrest and highly comfortable Sportec bucket seats are available.


pedal to the mettle

the bright white car throws off the camera's light meter. what saves me a lot of frustration is the shadow/highlight adjustment in photoshop