Splinter Wooden Supercar Gets Its Body

We've been following the progress of the Splinter since early this year when the radical wooden supercar being built but some woodworking students came to light, and now we get get to see the body. In a flurry of activity leading up to its display at the International Woodworking Fair, the folks behind Splinter managed to get the wooden body hooked up to the wooden chassis. The body itself is made of a basket-woven wood overlaid with a resin and pressed together in a mold — basically the wood version of carbon fiber. Check out that interior too; wow.
While the car isn't nearly finished yet, the work is one of the most impressive examples of brilliant design and clever engineering we've seen in a while. Next, they're planning on working on the driveline and getting going on figuring out a way to make wooden glass. You can watch the progress at Joe Harmon Design and you can peruse their photostream on Flickr.


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