Speeding Sideways Into The Darkness On Snow And Ice

Kris Meeke doesn't care that it's dark or icy during this test for Rally Sweden. Not one bit. He still goes ridiculously quick anyway. Oh, and ridiculously sideways.

The little Citroen DS3 WRC does a fantastic job of lighting the way in front of the car, making the icy forest feel like a long, twisty tunnel in the video. All Meeke has to do is avoid hitting a snowbank, a tree, or anything else the icy path wants to toss him into. (I'd say he does this pretty well.)


Even codriver Paul Nagle's notes are lit up like daytime. Thank goodness for good lighting, am I right?

Meeke goes so sideways in this video that this may be my favorite drift video of the year.

[H/T Top Gear]

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