Big Foot The Monster Truck Is At Large In England

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Truck YeahThe trucks are good!

The Beaulieu motor museum in jolly ol' England is hosting a truck event they've dubbed truckmania, where Big Foot and Optimus Prime will headline a weekend of awesome trucks.

They're also hosting some kind of RC truck exhibition, and you know how much we love those here on Truck Yeah! Head on over there on May 25 or 26th to check out the event.

Beaulieu looks like a hell of a gearhead haven, based on their website it looks well worth investigating if you're ever in the south of England's New Forest, between Bournemouth and Southampton. Anyone ever been there?

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Spectators protected by tiny little metal barriers at a monster truck event - that didn't work out so well in Mexico. I'm rather surprised that a country with a reputation as a nanny state allowed that.