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Since, oh around 2006, we've been hearing rumors of a new Mercedes gullwing that's reportedly in the works. Set to honor the original 300SL, the story goes, Mercedes will release the new model in 2010. It'll be powered by AMG's 6.2-liter V8, tweaked to produce between 600 and 750 horsepower. The rumor mill also pegs it as having an all-aluminum chassis, a monocoque body shell built from melted Krugerrands and a button on the steering wheel that summons a man in a black cape serving tartlets of Tomme de Chèvre des Pyrénées and a flinty Puligny-Montrachet. Actually, we don't know much about it at all, and neither does the Schulte-meister. But he nonetheless renders a decent speculation of what such a beast might look like. Someday. (Thanks to Julius for the tip.) [Motor Authority]


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