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It's more than three months before the Frankfurt motor show opens, just a few streets off Hamburger Alley (sorry, Allee), and the spec artists are in effect. Audi recently confirmed Frankfurt is the place where all will be revealed of the 2009 A4. That car will share Audi's new jack-of-all-trades Modular Longitudinal Platform (MLP) with the A5 coupé, next-gen A6 and A8 models, and upcoming newbies like the Q5 SUV and low-roof A7. Car P-shopper Matt Daniels took the latest info on the coming A4 and rendered a few spec shots. We're not sure we'd agree on the level of multisurface detail (a bit too last-gen Bangle), but they're not too shabby as a baseline before we get them in late '08.

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