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Lest we forgot it was in the works, The Car Connection offers up a spec image suggesting what Porsche's new line of upmarket tourers will look like in two-door coupe form โ€” a sibling to the Panamera four-door "coupe." According to TCC, the company is testing a set of prototypes that that indicate the Panamera is on the fast track for development โ€” with a target date of 2009 โ€” and its 928-like sibling isn't far behind (most likely it will trail by a year). The Panamera test mules are disguised as a BMW 5-Series and an Audi A8, while the coupe sports an ungainly costume of old 928, apparently fitted with some sort of jetpack. Rad. [Thanks to Marty for the tip.]

Spy Shots: '09 Porsche Panamera, GT Coupe [The Car Connection]

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