Speaking of automaker litigation, here comes the Ford mileage claim lawsuit.

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Anyone can get EPA mileage if they drive like the EPA tests. It's a standardized test, not a test that will match how YOU drive. And if you think the EPA ratings are optimistic based on how people really drive, you should look at the European ratings. Their highway ratings seem to be acquired at 40 mph.

Don't go over 60 in your top gear, and you get it. However, I believe the V8 muscle cars actually get better mileage at higher speeds, because they're geared much higher and take advantage of their low end torque.

I can get 36 mpg in my Focus ST, rated at 32, if I'm in 6th gear and going 50 mph. At 60 I get the EPA rated mileage, at 70 it's down to like 28 mpg. I wish 6th was geared higher to optimize the fuel economy at 75.

OTOH, I've gotten 9 mpg driving it the way the car wants to be driven. The low gearing makes the car a lot of fun to drive, especially on tight twisty roads like we find in the Santa Monica mountains. Sounds like Ford opted to make their eco cars more spirited than they need to, at the cost of post EPA speed fuel economy.