The 1968 Keracolor goggle was the first perfectly spherical television made from fiberglass. It was the brainchild of an Englishman called Arthur Bracegirdle, and cost as much as a a family car. But it was still cheaper than a Lotus Europa...

Wealthy fans of Space Age design could get their funky televisions from outlets like Harrods of Knightsbridge. But when it came to advertising, Bracegirdle made no mistakes. Before he switched to Polycarbonate from fiberglass in order to save on production costs and make his sets lighter, he even produced some spoilers for Colin Chapman's Lotus Cars.


In 1970, they made a deal so that three yellow Europas could be used for promotional proposes around the country. The Lotuses worked well at grabbing the public's attention, but Arthur Bracegirdle's enterprise started to fade. After introducing woodgrain and a new rectangular lineup, the swinging sixties were long over, and Keracolor was pretty much done for. On the other hand, Chapman kept going with the Europa for another four years.

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