Southern's 358 Provides Deliverance From Truck Design Hell, Minus The Sodomy

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Southern Motor Company, located in South Carolina (and here we were thinking they meant South Dakota), is trying to bring SexyBack (yeah!) to the pickup truck market with its new Southern 358, a retro body modeled after a classic 1954 Chevy truck and powered by a Ford Mustang 5.4-liter 330-horsepower V8. The truck's gonna be featured on the cover of December's Classic Trucks magazine, which is strange because it's a completely new vehicle — equipped with driver and passenger airbags and SRS, complies with federal crash and emissions standards and even come backed by a three-year, 36,000-mile new-vehicle limited warranty — just like the big boys do. The company's taking pre-orders now at a cost of $55,000 — get 'em while they're hot, and maybe we'll be hearing Chevy say "Hey, maybe they're on to something there, 'cause it's sure got a pretty mouth."



Southern Motor Company [via the Freep]

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Visually, I love it... growing we had a '53 5 window Chevy half ton farm truck that my my grandpa bought new. My dad did a mild street rod out of it in the 70s, dropping in an SBC /AT and adding Cragar SS rims. This truck really reminds me of that one.

That said, there's just something fundamentally disturbing about 1-800 mass production street rods and choppers. Basic rule of thumb: if it came with airbags and EPA stickers and option packages and warrantees, it is NOT a hot rod.