South African Seat Belt Commercial Has No Chill Whatsoever

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If you don’t wear your seat belt you’ll never have your first kiss and you might end up killing all of your friends, according to this unbelievable awareness advertisement out of South Africa.

Warning: This gets pretty graphic, so NSFW and all that.

If you don’t want to watch, and I do not blame you, a couple of beautiful model-like teens feel the tingle for each other but die before they can do anything about it because the guy didn’t wear his seat belt and they crashed, with his body flying throughout the cabin of the car hitting and killing his girl-to-be and all of their friends.


I wear my seat belt because life has convinced me I am the unluckiest person alive. It’s mostly so my insurance company doesn’t have anything against me if I get into an accident, and not immediately the life-saving aspect of the seat belt.

But yea, saving your life and keeping your body relatively in place and intact is a good reason to wear your seat belt, too.


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I will post this yet again.

I’ll tell you a story. I’m an advanced care paramedic. The call was for a 2-car MVA on a rural road.

We got there, and it was a 50mph road where 2 cars collided head-on. First one was an older Honda Civic with 2 young adults inside, both had seatbelts, minor injuries.

Second one was a brand new Subaru WRX. 4 teens in it. They all had their seatbelts except for the left rear passenger, a 17 year old boy. With the force of impact, he was projected onto the front passenger, a 15 year old girl. He hit her so hard that her brain started to hemorrage.

Then, when the car fell in the ditch, he went to hit the other rear passenger, a 14 year old boy, and broke 4 of his ribs. One of them punctured his lung, the other one his stomach.

The guy without the seatbelt died of an internal hemorrage when his aorta partially separated from his heart on impact with the front seat. The 15 year old girl died in 35 minutes after a horrible, panicking headache when her brain was squished inside the hole at the base of her cranium. The 14 year old boy died in horrible pain of a massive abdominal infection 2 days after the crash.

This was a very survivable accident. They would very likely all be alive if that guy had buckled up.

I don’t care if your little selfish self doesn’t like it.

Wear your fucking seatbelt.