Today has been a pretty awful day. With three tragedies already in the form of the deaths of Allan Simonsen, Wolf Silvester, and Jane Wicker, we need something to remind us that there's good in the world, and it's okay to laugh. Thank God we have the Fat Jew and Citibike for that.

The Fat Jew, aka Fabrizio Goldstein, is a New York City-based comedian, and with the new Citibike bike-sharing plan in the city there's an endless amount of comedy fodder. Combined with the pounding anthems and annoying trainers at spinning-gym SoulCycle, you have comedy gold.

Goldstein actually does seem to bring up some salient points about awareness of homelessness in the city, and how exercise is important to everyone (not just those who can afford it). I think the real message here, however, is that we should be signing up the homeless for spin classes.


One session at SoulCycle is only $34, or you can buy a pack of 50 for only $3500. Three and a half grand for getting on a bike once a week for less than a year? So worth it.

Via Jewcy