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The first reported public sighting of a 2015 Jeep Renegade has been claimed at an apartment parking lot in Michigan, and the photographer reports he was surprised by how low it was and how big the doors were.

"Minibouncer" over at JeepRenegadeForum who posted these pictures of the SUV he peeped says it was a manual-shift version that didn't look like it had an opening roof.

The vehicle the Renegade is parked next to looks like a second-gen Ford Escape, for size reference. The doors on the Jeep do look quite a bit larger.

This Renegade definitely has the markings of a manufacturer-owned vehicle, and the tape all over the exterior is a little odd but the interior seems way too complete for this to be a test mule.

Perhaps it's packing Mopar lowering springs and other such goodies? The front lip and that hood bulge are actually part of the Renegade's regular look, but I haven't seen any images of one with all the trim blacked out like this.



Hat tip to Taylor V!