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Very few of our friends bought their own first cars. Our ElCo of legend was purchased by our parents as a first car for us when we were still in junior high, offered up for sale by our uncle's dad for a grand. But the Wall Street Journal tells a different story; of kids receiving rather-nice vehicles from their parents and using them as seeds to find jobs and buy newer cars with. Which, we admit we also participated in by using the cheap-as-free Legend hand-me-down to commute to our first postcollegiate design job in Sf and then trade in the moment before it absolutely died on us for our Durango. Which of course, we will trade in on a Pantera the moment before the tranny goes and we get that damned book deal. Right. Uh-huh. Meanwhile, Kristine Gregorian, the now-ballerina featured in the article, should totally go on a date with us.

Landing a Set of Wheels
On Your Parents' Tab [Wall Street Journal]

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