Sorry, Gringo, No Baby Pickups For You: Chevrolet Tornado

Mexican cartruck shoppers who don't want a new VW Saveiro or Ford Courier haven't run out of options; El General makes a Camino-ized Opel Corsa!


Yes, the bed-equipped version of the confusingly named Chevrolet Chevy, based on the mid-90s Opel Corsa B and built in Brazil, can be purchased new for a list price as low as 130,695 pesos (about $10,800). It's about 18" shorter than the smallest pickup Chevrolet sells in the US market, comes with a 107-horse 1.8 liter engine, and looks pretty sharp. It's just the thing for hauling small loads in car-like comfort, and you can't have one.
[General Motors de México]

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