Today, you were asking C.J. Wilson, noted car and motorsports enthusiasts best known for playing something called baseball, all of your questions. Some had to do with cars, some baseball, and some were just questions about your car. OK, then.

So here are some select conversations you had with Mr. Wilson. And I learned today he's just as good as any of us proving the answer is always spelled M-I-A-T-A.

Except about the Cubs.


Which do you think is tougher, becoming a major league ball player or becoming a high level professional racing driver? I know 3 or 4 major leaguers but no racing drivers, so I'm assuming it's a pure numbers game.


Driving is much more difficult. The amount of resources that need to go into it are staggering.


I hadn't thought about/heard of a Major League pitcher racing cars before now. (Pitchers aren't athletes!)

It does seem like a natural fit though. Pitching is mechanics... Every body part has to do the same (correct) thing every time. Racing is mechanics... Brake, shift, turn, etc. the same way every lap.

Do you find that the discipline of pitching gives you an edge racing?

We used to have a C.J. that raced vintage with us. David Calvert-Jones turned out to be a fairly successful GT3 racer.

Will there be another C.J. in GT3 or something similar?

See you Monday night when all y'all whip up on the Indians!


Having a scouting background helps. When you're really good at something it helps you break down the components of what you need. I can't get hurt because of baseball, so you learn those limits and tactile reactions like you were holding a ball or learning a new pitch.

Only reason I'm not running GT3 racing is its during the MLB season. I've driven GT3 Cup cars, very cool. I couldn't drive worse than those guys at Sebring.


Ok, an answer that won't be "Miata"... What kind of car would he recommend for casual track days for a person who cannot physically fit height-wise into a Miata? (this also eliminates any B-Seg car spare the Fiesta or Golf).


Miata is a convertible!

Pearls of Wisdom:

My 2003 Jetta died while driving on Sunday. The battery light came on, followed by the ABS and the airbag light. I pulled over just in time to put it in a legal parking spot. I used a jumper box to get it running again, but it died again about 15 seconds later. Think it's the alternator?


Better call AAMCO, double A, MCO.


I'm a diehard Cubs fan. If it were up to you, what would you do to take them to the World Series, become a national hero, and get your face on currency, probably?


I would ease the ban on genetic cloning and copy three Mike Trouts and four Fernandezes or Hernandezes.


We're screwed, aren't we?

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