Sony Ericsson Bluetooth Speakerphone Can Talk To You, Isn't KITT-Related

Slow down commenters. Yes, this is a gadget inside of your car capable of talking to you, but it isn't Knight Rider-related so cool down a bit. The Sony Ericsson HCB-150 is a Bluetooth speakerphone that attaches to your visor and includes one heck of a feature not seen in very many car cellphone accessories.

The HCB-150 includes a text-to-speech feature to audibly tell you who is calling. With most Bluetooth speakerphones, it will audibly ring, but you still have to look at your phone or the device to see who is calling, therefore taking your eyes off the road and risking injury. The HCB-150 will read you the name of whoever is calling, which is a huge convenience. Although you may want to think twice about the names you enter in your phone book. I would hate for the HCB-150 to say "Sugar Daddy Ray Wert is calling" when my parents are in my car. It will be available worldwide in the upcoming months. [Slashphone]


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