Somewhere Under This Media Frenzy Is The New Toyota Avalon

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The 2011 Toyota Avalon debuted at the Chicago Auto Show just now, but you'd never know it given the frothing hordes of reporters pinning Toyota of the America President Bob Carter against the car and bludgeoning him with recall questions.

The new Avalon gets all-new front end that looks like the love child of a Toyota Venza and a Subaru — a new interior with reclining rear seats and a rear power shade. The powertrain and chassis is unchanged as are the mileage figures.

The more ridiculous story is the throngs of reporters trying to win awards for hard-hitting journalism by trying to crucify Toyota for the recall issues. Though the scrum peppered Carter for the better part of a half hour, there are only so many ways to ask the following questions:

  • Is Toyota sacrificing volume for quality?
  • How are your dealers working through the repairs?
  • How can you reassure buyers about your cars?
  • How long will it take to recover your reputation?

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Oh. I see. A facelift.

I have a better question for you journos.

"Why is this car still being made?"

"Why should anyone ever buy this car?"

"Are you questioning our intelligence?"

"Will you get psychological help for those who want to buy it? Or at least let them know how awful it is in principle?"