Sometimes Yesterday's Today is Eerily Accurate

It's always fun to look back at publications which predict what the future will be like - especially if that future is already the past. Most of the enjoyment comes from seeing just how far we haven't progressed. In the case of this 1979 book, The Usborne Book of the Future - A trip in time to the year 2000 and beyond the predictions are remarkably prescient. Take for instance the car of the future; The book offers two distinctly different and yet remarkably familiar predictions - the hybrid, and the ever elusive electric car.

While the hybrid reminds us of the epic horror of the AMC Pacer and the electric car looks nothing like the upcoming Tesla roadster, we have to give it to the books writers for their accuracy. Take a look at the super huge version here for all the thrilling details as well as a peek at the semi truck of the future. [via Pointless Museum]


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