Here's The 'Milk List' For The 100th Running Of The Indy 500

Photo credit: AP Images
Photo credit: AP Images

The Indianapolis 500 doesn’t greet winners with a big bottle of champagne as most races do. They hand the winner an ice cold bottle of milk. This creates a curious artifact every year: a list of driver’s milk preferences. Who wants the whole experience? Who’d rather water it down? Behold! Here’s this year’s list.

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According to American Dairy Association Indiana, 17 drivers requested whole milk this year, with two-percent being the next most popular at 13 requests. The watered-down fat-free stuff may sound a little easier to stomach after being in a hot race car, but only three drivers requested it.

Unlike 2014's list, no one listed “no preference.”

The driver gets the most attention, however, a rookie milk man also delivers commemorative bottles of milk to the winning car’s chief mechanic and team owner.

Fans can even join in the tradition this year, as they’re planning the world’s largest milk toast in conjunction with the 100th running of the Indy 500. 100,000 bottles of milk will make it happen, per Speedway Sightings.

Look, even if you’re as lactose intolerant as it gets, it’s the Indy 500. You pretty much have to, and the creamer and fattier it is, the better, if you ask me. Embrace the flatulence of victory, and don’t blame it on the dog.


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Someone brought it up yesterday, but it really is absurd that chocolate milk isn't an option.