Somehow, Teslas Are Going To Get Even Quicker

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Tesla’s Model S P100D already jets from zero to 60 mph in a supercar-killing 2.5 seconds, and the Model X P100D does the job in Still Supercar-Killing 2.9 ticks. And yet somehow, Elon Musk implies in a new Tweet that the cars will get even quicker.

We don’t know exactly what Musk has up his sleeve, but here’s a cryptic note he threw up on Twitter last week:


In response, Twitter user LOCOBOOF asked a very good question: “You mean to tell me as fast as this thing is, the beast hasn’t been fully unleashed?!” Here’s Elon’s response:

That response is a reference to a sword fight scene in the movie Princess Bride in which one of the characters, who is losing the fight, smiles and says “I know something you don’t know. I am not left handed!”

In other words, Elon is saying his Teslas that are already scaring the crap out of people with their ridiculous acceleration, still have more in the tank.


How much more? Well, it looks like we’ll be finding out soon, as Drag Times tweeted back at Elon asking if they could get this update in time for their comparison test next week, and Elon didn’t say no.


Of course, Elon isn’t great at meeting deadlines, so who knows if we’ll hear more about this “Easter egg” next week, or the week after.

Regardless, if the P100D really does get any quicker than it already is, it’s going to be giving rallycross cars a run for their money. And that’s just absurd.