At least Infiniti's infamous 1989 launch ads used mostly complete sentences. The video they posted today with Sebastian Vettel and the Q50 Eau Rouge prototype doesn't. It might make even less sense than the one with the geese.

Perhaps this shouldn't be a surprise. Not only is the ad vague, but Infiniti still hasn't definitely confirmed it'll make the Q50 Eau Rouge that they're probably going to make anyway.

With that indirectness, you're free to interpret their video in many ways:


An ad without a point


A car without a release date.

A line without a clear vision.


"Dramatically. Powerfully. Britishly."

Tom Hiddleston and Jaguar want to have a word with you, Infiniti.


Ill leave this here:

Perfect. The Infiniti Q50 Chanel No. 5 by Brad Pitt.