Some People Just Hate Taking The Bus...

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You know what sucks? Not being able to ride your bike. You know what's awesome? When an idiot leaves his Monte Carlo idling while he runs into Subway to grab a meatball sub. Because that way you've got yourself a free car. That's at least what we think must have been the thought process of Kathleen Mary Pedemonti of Palm Bay, who stole a car after having difficulty riding her bike. Thanks to the the GPS locator in the man's car, Ms. Pedemonti got a free ride in the back of Brevard County Sheriff's cruiser. We're sure this will soon be an OnStar commercial with some guy ecstatic that he won't have to go through the effort of festooning another Monte Carlo with "#3" tribute stickers and Playboy bunny decals.

Poor bike riding let to car theft, suspect says [Florida Today]

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They should legalize "borrowing" idling cars with unlocked doors and the owner nowhere near em.