Some Dingus Is Selling A VW Beetle For $1 Million

Some moron in VW’s home of Wolfsburg, Germany is offering a cheap old VW Beetle for sale. Only the Beetle isn’t so old, and the price isn’t that cheap. The seller wants over a million dollars.

Technically, the guy wants a million euros for this 46-horsepower wonder.


The car on sale on Classic Trader is an ‘Ultimá Edición’ VW Beetle, one of the very last of the last rear-engined, air-cooled models. Despite holding on to technology from the 1930s, this particular car was built in 2003.

Volkswagen’s infinite conservatism meant that they kept building these clunky, creaky, shaky, tin can motor vehicles masquerading as cars all the way into the 21st century.

This particular example is ever-charming beige with a black cloth interior. Features include a radio that plays AM and FM as well as compact discs! Carpets! Two, count ‘em, two side mirrors! And chrome trim!


The idiot owner thinks this car, as vintage as a factory-fresh car can be, is worth a million bucks.

Has this guy ever driven an old VW?


Photo Credits: whatever the name of this dumbo is, via AutoBlog, via AutoMotorundSport, via Classic Trader


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