Some Depraved Imagination Put A Land Rover Defender In NASCAR

(Image: YasidDESIGN)
(Image: YasidDESIGN)
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“Now I’ve seen everything,” you can probably say. Behold: the NASCAR Land Rover, the unholiest and most hilarious of automotive unions I’ve ever seen dreamed up.


As you can see this NASCAR-racing Land Rover Defender is not “real,” thankfully or disappointedly depending on which side of the sanity spectrum you’re on. But it is rendered beautifully, by London-based design studio YasidDESIGN.

The company’s work, best scrolled-though on Instagram, is actually really impressive. The artists there take your idea for a concept car or hypothetical modifications you’d like to see on any car really, render it and send it back. They also cook up wacky fantasies of their own like this Land Rover. You can buy some downright beautiful prints on their site.


I’m actually tempted to see if they could draw some of my machines. (Hold the sponsorship stickers, thanks.)

Hat tip to Jack!

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Anybody else notice that it says DEFENDERP across the hood?