Take a look at this teaser for the BMW M235i and notice how it's being driven. You could call it "quickly." It's fairly standard for launch films like this, especially BMW. But a group in Australia has complained that BMW basically broke every traffic law in the book with the ad.

GoAuto reports that Australia's Advertising Standards Board has upheld a complaint against BMW over a 45-second version of this ad recently shown at movie theaters, and edited featuring the parts where the car is basically at the redline and driving around the LA River (oh yeah, the was clearly shot in parts of Southern California).


The complaint says the ad is full of "hoon activity." I'm guessing no one from this site filed it.

BMW Australia has dismissed the complaint and says it was all editing. However, they also said it was never shown driving above the speed limit, so it should all be OK. Yeah, but...


Still, I can't quite wrap my mind around the complaint here. It's very clear this is a professional doing the driving as part of a closed shoot. I'm just happy someone got to enjoy a rear-drive BMW while being sideways.

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