Some Asshole Got Arrested For Threatening To Attack Saudi Women Drivers: Report

Recently, Saudi Arabia announced that it would lift the much-criticized ban on female drivers by next June. It was an awesome move, and about time, too! Except that it seems like barely any time has passed before you have some dumbass already trying to fuck things up.

A Saudi man was arrested today for supposedly threatening women drivers, the Interior Ministry said on Twitter.


The suspect was not identified.

Though it could not independently verify the video, Reuters writes that a man wearing a traditional white robe uploaded it, saying “I swear to God, any woman whose car breaks down—I will burn her and her car.”

It also notes that Okaz, an Arabic-language newspaper, quoted a Saudi official as saying that the man in their custody is in his 20s and his arrest “ordered by its governor.”

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Corinthian Leatherface

Ha ha, those Saudis! They’re finding out how hard it is to lift themselves out of the dark ages!

Uhh . . . . . whoops.

Never mind.