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China is becoming globalization's version of the perfect winter-holidays father: able to slap a car-model kit together โ€” without pounding their heads against the hardwood floor โ€” before the kids wake up looking for presents. That's pretty much what happens during GM China's production of the compact Buick Excelle, a version of Daewoo's Lacetti. Daewoo builds the kits in South Korea and ships them to a new, Shanghai plant operated by GM and joint-venture partner Shanghai Auto, where the $18,000 Buick is assembled. And China's not the only market GM-owned Daewoo services. The company is becoming a major car-kit supplier globally โ€” the company sold 210,000 kit units in the first half of 2005 (a 32.1% increase from last year) in countries all over the world, compared to 244,000 complete cars. According to The Car Connection, Daewoo's kit car sales have grown in Romania, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Colombia, India, Thailand and Venezuela, where the cars are being assembled, likely by fathers who pass a rigorous "AFX Track" and "Barbie's Dream House" speed test.

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