We were wandering around downtown Detroit this weekend and ducked into GM's Renaissance Center to warm up only to find they left a gift-wrapped Pontiac Solstice under the tree.


It's clear this nicely installed display at the base of the central tower of the RenCen borrows from two sources: the perennially obnoxious Lexus "December to Remember" ad campaign with it's bows and yuppies, and the incessantly played American Express advertisement where some random dude wins a pair of Solsti and gives one to his fainting wife for Christmas.

Somewhere in the dream the two were mixed together and a giant spidery bow that seems to be pooping out the Solstice was added. This whole thing would've worked a lot better if it wasn't parked next to considerably cooler cars like the Riviera and Impala. Something tells us even though they're pushing a Solstice at GM employees and fancy restaurant goers, the display won't be doing a lot of convincing in this, the December of our despair.