If you're going to be racing your car, you're going to need a helmet first. Whether you've got $200 or $2,000, you can get one of these lids that's not only good looking, but also approved by the authorities.

10.) Impact Nitro

When you're sitting in a dragster full of nitromethane and methanol, you better have some extra protection against fire. This would be it.

Buy it here.

Suggested By: GR1M RACER : Wrong Most of the Time, Photo Credit: Impact

9.) G-force Pro Phenom

This open helmet is for beginners, and while it might not look like much, what makes it cool is that it's SNELL SA2010 rated and costs $200. Good value right there.

Buy it here.

Suggested By: mcseanerson, Photo Credit: G-Force

8.) Simpson Bandit

TheCrudMan likes his Voyager, but I'm with evoCS on this one: the Bandit is way more badass.

Buy it here.

Suggested By: evoCS, Photo Credit: Simpson Racing

7.) Bell Star Classic

An updated original. If you ever get to race a classic, this is the helmet for the job.

Buy it here.

Suggested By: KingBilly, Photo Credit: Bell Helmets

6.) Stilo WRC DES Carbon

It's certainly not cheap at $1,800, but if you're after the ultimate WRC experience, this is it.

Buy it here.

Suggested By: magman007, Photo Credit: Stilo

5.) Schuberth SF1

Nothing to do with classical music, everything to do with motorsport.

Buy it here.

Suggested By: , Photo Credit: Schubert

4.) Simpson Carbon Devil Ray

The evil Stig look? All you need is polarized blue shades, and you got it.

Buy it here.

Suggested By: Smegmelly30, Photo Credit: Simpson

3.) Bell HP3 Carbon

This is Bell's strongest helmet. If this isn't enough in a crash, you're probably a goner.

Buy it here.

Suggested By: Travis Okulski, Photo Credit: Bell Racing

2.) Stilo ST4F

This is the ST4 with the widest eyeport. It's made of Kevlar Multi-Sandwich Fiber composite, it's orange and I want one.

Buy it here.

Suggested By: ///M3 Track Car, Photo Credit: Stilo

1.) Arai GP6 RC

This is what birthday boy Kimi Raikkonen has. Case closed.

Buy it here.

Suggested By: Chris Nuggets, Photo Credit: Arai

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