This One Man Stopped The Biker Beating Of Range Rover Driver

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The bikers were beating Alexian Lien with their helmets. They were pulling his wife out of the Range Rover to beat her, too. One man, Sergio Consuegra stepped in and stopped the beating, even as NYPD officers stood by.


Sergio Consuegra was coming home from church when he saw Alexian Lien's Range Rover come to a stop on West 178th street. He also saw when a huge mass of bikers swarmed the SUV, bashed in the driver's side window, pulled Lien from the vehicle, and started beating him in the street.

Consuegra even watched as one rider bashed in another window and tried to pull Lien's wife out of the car. Consuegra told ABC News that the rider told her "you're going to get it, too," as he yanked on her arms. That's when everyone on the street started shouting "not the lady!" until the biker finally relented.

But the riders were still beating Alexian, and Consuegra couldn't take it, he told ABC News.

"At that moment I said oh I gotta do something, there's a family in danger here," Consuegra added, "And they're gonna get killed, nobody intervened in this situation and nobody stepping in."

So Consuegra stepped between the Lien and the riders.

In the full interview below, Consuegra explains that while he stood between Alexian and the riders there was one moment when it wasn't clear that the situation was over, when they shouted that Aleixan had run over one of their own, when more riders were arriving. But Consuegra locked eyes with one of the bikers and brought the beating to a halt.

"I felt tense. I felt that God was with me there," says Consuegra. "I said stop it, let it go. And then somehow one of them moved started moving and I said yeah this is enough now."


Consuegra then turned his back on the riders, called the cops, and kept Lien down for his safety. This is when the picture above, released by the NYPD, was taken.

It's amazing that one good Samaritan probably saved the life of Alexian Lien, and all while several NYPD officers stood by and watched.




So, the beating was going to continue and extend to the spouse. Let's hear more about how my concept of carrying a gun and shooting the fuckers is "bad" ... Only ~250 some odd favorites for the "Shoot 'em" comment on the previous article so far ...