So, I bought a thing...

1992 Jaguar XJ40 :) 4.0l straight 6 and 5-speed manual!

Hola! Mi llamo Manuel

Drove down to Folkestone on the coast to have a look at it with my dad, it checked out alright and I bought it :)

I then drove it back home (65 miles), then straight up to Watford to see some uni mates (66 miles), then to Harrow (7 miles through London traffic), then home (60 miles), then to my girlfriend's in Hailsham (25 miles), then to Eastbourne seafront and back (18 miles round trip), then finally back home (25 miles).


In 266 miles it didn't skip a beat :)

Pictured at Eastbourne seafront

It even averaged 25.2mpg during all my travels, although I planted it in 2nd and the on-board mpg gauge said '7'. I planted it in first and it said '2'. So, good on a cruise. Murder when you put the hammer down :S


Driving impressions so far:

1. Compared to any other car I've driven, it feels more like captaining from the helm than driving from a seat.

2. It's not a car that encourages you to drive fast, it's a car that wants you to cruise across the continent at a measured and relaxed pace


3. Once you do give it some welly, it shows itself to actually be rather well balanced. The steering is light, but sharp as well. Very pleasant :)

4. It can feel a little sluggish in 1st and 2nd if you're just pulling away, but engage a leaden foot in 3rd at speed and it just goes. Makes a nice noise too, if a little quiet for my tastes.

5. 30mph feels like 30mph, 40 like 40, 60 like 40, 80 like 40, 100 like 40 and I presume so on and so forth


6. Dat interior...

Smells like a proper Jag should too. Leather and opulence.

Lastly, it's just so damn beautiful :) less speaking, more pics: