Lamborghini Leaves Trail Of Destruction In Yorkshire Crash

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Lamborghinis tend to be all about noise and destruction and fire and noise and destruction, because that's what they do. Unfortunately, it seems like the driver of this beautiful white Murcielago took that to its natural conclusion, which is in a fence.


He also managed to take out three other cars, including a Ford Focus and a Vauxhall Astra, though if he managed to have enough money to buy the Lambo I damn well hope he had the insurance to cover those poor blokes.

The driver himself seems to be doing alright, according to what a witness told the Yorkshire Evening Post:

“I thought the driver could be seriously injured and I was ready to call an ambulance.

“I also thought the car might catch fire. Then the door opened – in that Lamborghini style – and I asked him if he was all right and he said he was fine.”

Yes, in that Lamborghini style. In fact, this whole story is in that Lamborghini style. A nice chap was tootling about on a bright Saturday Thursday morning in that Lamborghini style, when he managed to completely lose control in that Lamborghini style, hitting three other cars in that Lamborghini style, before coming to rest in a fence that he also destroyed in that Lamborghini style. And then those doors opened up, in that Lamborghini style.

The image above is a screengrab from a local video, but you can see more pictures of the smashening (yes I just invented that word) at the Daily Mail.


So a single car crash under good conditions with no injuries which can only be attributed to pilot error should now be referred to as "Lamborghini Style".

As in: "Bob was heading home when he passed saw a car in the ditch, Lamborghini style."