Snow Turns Utah Drivers Into Morons Too

A little snow (and probably some ice) in Bountiful, Utah created a bountiful mess for tow truck drivers over the weekend. If you thought Seattle drivers were bad, skip to about 3:08 and watch what happens when overconfident drivers hit the snow.


This video starts out a little slow, but that's how a snowball is formed. Little-by-little cars start to accumulate and suddenly the videographer is in the middle of a pinball machine. If you love the Trailblazer SS (or snow plows) you might want to stop when you see the white one appear in this video.

(Hat tip to the many people who sent us this video!)


And again smug-ass Jalopnik posters can't seem to understand that even their amazing mad skillz won't help when there's ice on a hill.

The only solution is not to drive up or down hills when it's icy out.