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Have a compact rear-wheel-drive car and want to traverse vast stretches of unpaved snowy wasteland? Russia has the solution. We bring you "Snow Foot Car," a 1-hour conversion system capable of turning a Lada into a radical snowmobile.


The system works like this: Take your rear wheel drive car and drive it up on to what's basically a car trailer with balloon tires at the rear and a snow ski at the front. Lash the rear end to a support and take off the rear wheels and replace the rim with an offset chain sprocket. Run a chain around sprocket and to the rear wheel gears then lash strap the front wheels into a cradle that's hooked up to the ski's steering system.

The next step is to go driving around in the snow to make a video you set to porno music. Snow Car Foot. This idea and execution might be perfect right out of the box, anything more would be ridiculous, less would be underwhelming. They even did it with a wagon. (Thanks Ian)


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