Snow Blower Revenge Guy Got A Lot Of Attention

David Welles of Chicago sent over a snuff film in which he sought, and delivered, vengeance against a car belonging to the chick who stole his shovel during a blizzard. He didn't figure he'd do two dozen TV and radio spots in the ensuing days.


But that's what "The Quadrilogy of My Favorite Snow Shovel" hath wrought since Sunday. First, it was WGN. Then, "Inside Edition came last night." Hell, even "the producers of 48 Hours Mystery" got in the mix.

The end result of all this attention? The shovel mysteriously showed up behind his garage on Monday night. And, I offered him the last word from these extended 15 minutes:

"I hope people will think about their actions and the possible consequences. I did something non malicious but many people would have inflicted damage to her car or possible harm to her. I just hope people respect other people's property."

Above the fruited plain.

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