Sniffing The Rot Of A Dead Future Via The Past's Glorious Perfume

While of course, El Jalopo brings you the latest, latest most current, latest and thoroughly-now conceptual machines devised by any animal, vegetable mineral or modern major general, there's something to be said for the assigned future. And when that comes in the form of rampant jackassery, mildly-fascinating pre-production vehicles that are infinitely nicer than the versions that hit the street and sops to marketing wonks, well, we get a little pissed. This video offers glimpses of futures that could have been. And as for "Johnny B. Goode" as the soundtrack? It's a classic and all, but we can't help thinking the score should've been X's "Johnny Hit and Run Paulene," as these cars hit us with a sex machine drug and left us feeling raped.

Ultimate Galler of Automotive Prototypes [Internal]

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