Smaller Small Ute for Audi?

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Reportedly, the Audis are still toying with the idea of a Q3, somewhat reminiscent of the magic carpet ride of the Steppenwolf concept of six years ago. While the new, mostly-decided-upon Q5, based on the A4 platform will fight the BMW X3, the Q3 would aim below that belt at decently-heeled cute-ute buyers; think A3 types who want a bit more butchness to mount their ski rack on. We're not quite sure if this move makes sense yet or not. But then again, neither does Audi.

Audi to build Q5 SUV, Q3 may be next [AutoWeek via The German Car Blog]

Over the Back Fence: Audi Q3 Mini-Ute in the Works for 2007


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