This weekend's burning question comes to you from our very own camp6ell. And here she goes:

somebody made the comment [at some point] about how it's more fun to drive a slow car fast than a fast car slow. I'd rather drive an '87 Festiva up/down the Tail of the Dragon than a Diablo down Sunset Boulevard, but would your dear readers?

Yes dear readers, how's about it? Personally, I'd rather drink a nice glass of nitromethane and have a cigarette than get within 20 yards of an '87 Festiva. But of course, I'm an iconoclast. And if camp6ell is talking about the part of Sunset I think he is, better make that 2 glasses of nitromethane. However, I can testify that a Hoondai Sonata is a fantastic way to fly over the Dragon. What say you?