Slovenian artist creates sensational drawings of supercars

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If you like our Formula One race reports in Crayola, you’ll love the crayon-and-marker art of Miha Furlan, who applies mad drawing skills to kindergarten art sets to produce drawings of race cars and supercars. The 28-year-old Slovenian’s work is just plain gorgeous, and he’s not lacking in taste when it comes to picking his subjects: he’s got Daytonas, Chaparrals, Alfa Romeos, vintage F1 cars, and even the BMW 3.0 CSL.


Prints are available for sale in the $30–40 range and you can also buy some of Miha’s originals—or commission your own.

Hat tip to star commenter ttyymmnn for bringing our attention to Miha’s art.


Danger Ranger XLT

I am almost positive I've seen his work all over Octane Magazine, occasionally on the cover.

This one stands out in particular, I know I've seen it somewheres before! Love these drawings, makes me wish I had kept up with art.