Sliding The Tesla Model S On Ice Looks Like Fun

This winter, Tesla took the Model S to the 820-acre Automotive Enviro Testing center in Baudette, Minnesota — normally one of the coldest places in the continental United States.

Tesla's press release says "Tesla engineers worked for days in sub-zero weather in order to put Model S through a rigorous set of demanding winter driving tests" and the above video says they operated under -10 to 15-degree F temperatures.


Should we read anything into the fact that Baudette, Minnesota saw one of its warmest winters on record and only hit -10 degrees a handful of days from December to March? And only at night?

Could that be one of the reasons why many of the automakers travelled further North this year — to places like Kapuskasing, Ontario — where the temperatures are in double-digit negatives for weeks on end? They leave Baudette, Minnesota to folks like Motor Trend to film Acura commercials.

Nah. A little hyperbole never hurt anyone — especially when you get to take a midsize electric sedan sliding on ice. Wheee!!! Cones!!! Yay!!!

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