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Nitpickers might quibble about the rollbar and non-stock wheels undermining the sleeperness of this '85 Reliant, and the engine sound isn't exactly what Lee Iacocca had in mind for the K-Car. But we're dealing with a ten second front-wheel-drive car here, and it has nary sticker nor wing nor scoop (unlike a lot of 14-second Civics we've seen at Test & Tune), so we say it's a sleeper, dammit! The madman behind this vehicle definitely knows his stuff, as the workmanship and attention to detail are overwhelming (we especially like the weight-reducing holesaw work in the interior and the muffler cavity inset into the trunk area). This thing's got a lotta sap, all right. Make the jump to watch a crowd-pleasing 10.53 run...


So there you have it: more proof that adding boost and removing weight truly works miracles. Hmmm... Cordoba minus Corinthian Leather plus 6-71?


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