Skoda VisionC Concept Is The Great Looking Future Of VW's Best Brand

I have a bit of a Skoda fetish. I don't know why, I just really like them. And now, the VisionC Concept is going to lead our favorite Czech into the next decade. It looks fantastic.


The VisionC is something that is all the rage these days, a five door coupe sedan thing that is just supposed to look sleek.

And it does. The VisionC is what I think of as an Audi A7 for the common man. Great proportions, a sleek fastback style, and tight angular lights bring the whole package together. I quite like it, and as my friend's at Skoda have told me, it represents the future of the brand.


Under the hood is a CNG and petrol 1.4 liter engine that gets the VisionC to a top speed of 214 kmh, so about 135 MPH. It's not that fast, not that you'd expect it to be. You'd expect it to be style on a budget, which is what Skoda has always been.


Can't wait for them to make the Volkswagen CC completely redundant.

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